Monthly Archives: September 2010

Male Autoresponder

I think the male brain is wired with an auto-responder. Did you wash your hands? Yes. Did you take out the trash? Yes. Do you want oatmeal for breakfast? Yes. Then the oatmeal is served; and I hear a chorus of, “but I didn’t want oatmeal.” This happens over and over in our household. So, it makes me wonder if there isn’t an auto-responder programmed into the male brain… Jasper, who is twelve but already heavily into puberty, has started saying yes or OK in response to most of my requests and then NOT doing what he just said yes or OK to. This is what my mom says her sister used to do in response to their mother’s requests. It would drive my mom nuts because her sister wouldn’t do what she just said she would do; she just said yes to get their mom to leave them alone! I can’t tell if this is what Jasper is doing or if his testosterone flooded brain just shuts off after he says yes?