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Our Cats – One Year Anniversary

We have had our cats for a year now and they seem to be fully grown. We sent our story to the Peninsula Human Society and they put a slightly edited version on the Happy Tails section of their website. The fun part is that they asked for permission to put it in their quarterly magazine. So, hopefully, we will see that in the Fall issue. The full story that I sent in is here:


We adopted three kittens a year ago – the two black kittens were named Blue and Purple. We can’t remember the name of the other kitten who was a little puff ball. Here is our story -and a few pictures:

My three sons and I visited the shelter many times and came back to adopt 2 black kittens who were siblings. We looked at them in particular because they had these amazing green/grey eyes. We played with three pairs of kittens in the “get to know you” room. One pair chased each other around the room and then would turn around and chase each other the other way. That pair was Blue and Purple. My oldest son insisted on adopting this little puff ball who talked to us the minute we went into the room. I balked at adopting three kittens – that was crazy – adopting two was already pushing it! I called my husband to get his opinion (because he is allergic to cats) and he said three isn’t that much worse than two… so we adopted all three of them. We were allowed to take the puff ball home immediately that Saturday and had to wait to pick the other two up on Monday after neutering surgery.

We named the puff ball (who was a Maine Coon with an M on his forehead), Tiger. He was very affectionate and only a little bit exploratory in the bathroom we had confined him to for the first night.  Little by little he explored out of the bathroom and into the kitchen/living room where we had the food, litter box and kitty kondo. By Monday afternoon when we brought the black kittens home, Tiger thought the place was his own and only his own and acted like it – hogging the food. He definitely staked out his territory when the other two started exploring. It took maybe two or three days before the two black kittens were comfortable enough to chase each other around and under the couch. And then they would reverse the chasing just as they had when we first met them. It took us a few days to name them and my blog entry detailing that funny conversation can be seen here.

In the end, we named them after cars: Jaguar, the skinny long black cat, Tesla, the squat sway back black cat, and Tiger, the Main Coon (and he is sometimes known as Fat Cat because his fluffy fur makes him look twice as big as the other two cats).

Now it’s been a year and it has been awesome having three snuggle bunnies! They are indoor/outdoor cats and love sleeping on the boys’ beds. They love climbing on our play structure – they even go down the slide (on their own)! The three cats used to sleep together when they fit on a chair or on the top level of the kitty kondo together but now they are too big to all fit. So, they sleep on one of the beds together.

I wish everyone would consider adopting a black cat, or two – they are definitely good luck for us!

Thank you!

Sonya Sigler