I was stunned to wake up one day and find myself as a mother of three boys, and as such, I have years of experience with balls, broken windows, snot, emergency room visits, and most importantly, fun! As a habitual journalist for each of my three boys, I have an endless supply of stories, anecdotes, advice, and hard lessons learned. As a passionate and involved working parent, I am the perfect person to tap for just about anything, especially if you want to get something done!

A few more details…

Professional Background

Currently, I am the Vice President of Operations and General Counsel at Cataphora, Inc., which makes evidence analysis software that is used in investigations, litigation, and government work.  I have been an attorney for over 15 years, and I have a broad base of experience at companies like Sega and Intuit. I write and speak on many topics, including electronic discovery and the trials and tribulations of being in-house counsel. For more information on my speaking and writing engagements, please see this list.

Government Experience

In November 2009, I was elected to a third term on the San Carlos Charter Learning Center Governance Council, and was on the board for my first two terms from 2004 – 2007. The Governance Council is responsible for the budget, policies and procedures, staffing and hiring decisions, the Charter, the school calendar, and is an escalation point for parent complaints and concerns. I believe in collaboration and transparency in the actions of government. More information on my recent San Carlos school board candidacy can be found here. I have run for various offices and positions in San Mateo County – Sequoia Healthcare District in 2004, San Carlos School Board in 2005, Sequoia Healthcare District in 2006, and the San Carlos School Board in 2007.

Personal Background

I grew up in Clayton, Indiana, about 25 miles West of Indianapolis, where my dad was a farmer and my mom worked at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. I went to school at Van Buren Elementary School, which uses project-based learning and is very similar to the school my kids attend, the San Carlos Charter Learning Center. I also attended Jr. High at the Plainfield Jr. and Sr. High School and finished high school at Los Altos High School after moving to California.

I attended UC Berkeley and received a degree in Philosophy with a Music minor. I graduated from Santa Clara University School of Law with a JD and I concentrated on intellectual property courses while there and at Magdalen College at Oxford University. I worked my way through college and law school. Along the way, one of the places I worked was the Development Office for UC Berkeley. While there, I learned an enormous amount about donor relationships, fundraising, estate giving, stock gifts, and money management for development campaigns. Since graduating from law school, I have worked as an in-house lawyer at several software companies.

I am married to Greg DesBrisay and we are incredibly lucky to have three beautiful, healthy, and very active boys: Jasper, Bryce, and McKinley.

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