Monthly Archives: October 2009

My Original Website

My personal website was originally developed for my political campaign for the San Carlos School Board. You can see more campaign related information on me on the League of Women Voters website. Other pages on this website will give you more information on my candidate statement, my background, and interests. webassets/slscrop82006.jpgI have moved the political info off the main pages and left the blog info here. webassets/slscrop82006.jpg
These days, I am traveling a bit for work, and football and soccer are in full swing; thankfully, we are only on 2 soccer teamsĀ  and two football teams this Fall! My biggest project at the moment is being the Steering Chair for the Chickens’ Ball and writing our Chickens’ Ball Skit for the the San Carlos Charter Learning Center (thankfully, our skit was accepted this year for the first time!!!) See our 2010 Chickens’ Ball website for more info.