Monthly Archives: July 2007

Water Park Hotels

Completely worth trying out!
We discovered the Great Wolf Lodge next to King’s Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. Finding this hotel was purely accidental since we were just trying to stay somewhere near King’s Island so we would be there the next morning. It looks like a huge cabin in Tahoe. They give you, and anyone staying in the room with you, a wrist band (through which you can also charge things to your room) that is good for 24 hours (or so) anywhere in the water-park. The water-park section was new as of December and is a whopping 37,000 square feet. Tons of slides, an area for young children, a big bucket (think as big as your car) fills up and empties over all of the climbing equipment, and a wave machine you can try surfing on, and many different water slides to try, some of them as high as three stories, and many other water features. I think we were there until it closed at 10 pm, which meant no Harry Potter reading that night; it was THAT good!.