Are Thin Mints the Perfect Food?

I love this time of year – the Girl Scouts are out in full force, selling cookies – in front of Trader Joe’s, Starbuck’s, Safeway, etc… but door to door? Hardly – they now have online set ups and parents to help them sell to all their friends. I haven’t seen a door to door girl scout in a very long time. About a month ago, when the order forms first went around by email (through their parents), I bought 5 boxes of Thin Mints. I did this so that each person in our family could have their very own box of Thin Mints.

Predictably, Jasper’s box was gone in a matter of minutes; Bryce didn’t open his box; Greg opened his box and shared right then and there with everyone in the Snow House; And McKinley and I shared most of our cookies while skiing over the next few days. We ate most of Bryce’s box of Thin Mints on the way home from the snow and we even had a few left to take with us on our trip to Florida the next day. (That would be where I discovered that I don’t recommend eating travel-crushed thin mints in white pants…).

Now onto the Top 5 reasons why Thin Mints are the PERFECT food?

  1. Thin Mints come in a single serving sized sleeve of cookies – OK – technically it is 3.75 servings in a single sleeve, but who’s counting?
  2. Thin Mints can be used to make a cheesecake crust. Try putting a sleeve or two of Thin Mints into the food processor with a tiny bit of butter and you’ll see what I mean.
  3. Thin Mints are a Great Mardi Gras/St.Patrick’s Day party food – who knew that Thin Mints went with lime jello blocks and whipped cream? 
  4. Thin Mints are great from the box, in the car, before you even get home and into the house! Everyone knows this!
  5. They are great straight from the Freezer. I hide sleeves of the Thin Mint cookies under the vegetables in the freezer drawer – no one in our household, but me, looks there.

I love Thin Mints, but all these extra works outs are killing me. Hopefully, the Girl Scouts will be sold out soon!

If you have another reason  why Thin Mints are the Perfect Food – please add it in the comments!

2 responses to “Are Thin Mints the Perfect Food?

  1. I disagree with the idea that thin mints are the perfect food … I am a Samoas supporter! Here’s a funny girl scout cookies cartoon someone sent me:

  2. I used to love Thin Mints! Used to…
    When I was in highschool in the summer one day my mom made a giant crock pot of potato soup and then left for work. I was home by myself and I ate 6 bowls of that potato soup…in a row…and then proceeded to eat at least one half box of Thin Mints. Later that day I threw it all up. And I haven’t eaten a Thin Mint since. 😦

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