The Perfect Sunday

What does the perfect Sunday look like to you? To me, it means I get to something I like, a little exercise, plus something family oriented, plus something sports oriented, plus something that involves good food, plus… you get the picture. It can mean a lot of things.

Today, I had a great day. I got to do something I like – I started at Starbuck’s. But, I forgot the exercise because I went back to bed after feeding the cats. “Oh, I’ll go to yoga later this afternoon.” Or at least that was the thought at the time.

Went to an all day Board retreat for the San Carlos Charter Learning Center. We had a lot to talk about –  a lot of planning to do, a lot of issues to prioritize in these crazy budget times in California. (This would be doing something I like – contributing my skills to a great organization.) While at the Board retreat, had a great sandwich from the Sandwich Shop in San Carlos – more specifically, the Hat Trick. (Thanks, Mike. This would be the good food part.)

When I finished the Board retreat and headed home, it was 3:45 pm. I came home to an empty and very quiet house. One kid at soccer, two kids at math counts. At least for another hour. What am I going to do with at least an hour of quiet time before I go to yoga at 5 pm? Oh yeah, I can …inset name of about 20 projects here… nah, what I would really like to do is watch basketball, but not pro ball, mind you, but college ball, which mostly would have been played on Saturday. What about football, I wonder if the Steelers have played their game today… Turned on the TV to find the beginning of the Steelers game in one click of our very tricked out remote and sat down to reorganize my knitting needles. I had the great pleasure of watching the Steelers pound the Jets. The kids burst in right after a fumble was returned for a score (this meant that it was no longer a very quiet house). Got to see a childhood hero, Franco Harris, hand out the Division trophy. (This would be the sports oriented and family oriented parts.)

Bryce made dinner, which meant I could still finish my needle cataloging job (Both of these things were something I liked). Missed yoga in all the football excitement. 😦 But, the boys were so excited about a Steelers – Green Bay match up, they wanted to know which team I would be rooting for. I can’t believe they asked me which team I would root for; me, someone who knew every Steeler player’s name in 1978 (which was when I was Bryce’s age and I was a little obsessed with the Steelers and Pirates). They thought for sure I would root for Green Bay because Cal alum Aaron Rodgers is their quarterback. They would be wrong. The boys then spent the next hour lobbying to go to Dallas for the actual superbowl, rather than having to watch it on TV. Boy, sometimes you sure can tell that these three boys are the children of a lawyer…

Read Knucklehead to the boys at bedtime. Knucklehead is a book about a family with 6 boys as told by the second oldest boy – a lot of these stories sound very familiar to us, even though we only have three boys. It was definitely a little hard to settle them down after the Steelers won. So Knucklhead was an apt description of many things that happened during bedtime this evening. Finally after a few moments of quiet, I watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters with Greg, while finishing By Law changes. Finished the evening by editing a new business plan/overview for one of my brother’s friends.

So – all in all, this Sunday was an ideal Sunday with lots of fun, sports, good food, family time, and a little bit of work! Oh, and I forgot about all of the knitting I did at the Board retreat! (Those socks are half way finished!)


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