Blogging – who has the time?

I don’t spend a ton of time reading blogs. I mostly write for our blog at work – the Catablog. I sometimes read technical or legal related blogs for work, but those won’t be too exciting for many of you. Occasionally I will visit a knitting blog or two to see what others are knitting and creating. I do a ton of knitting, to relax, mostly because I cannot sit still for very long. Although, technically it isn’t a blog, I visit the Cal Football site every week (at least during Football season) to see what the Cal team is doing. Even though we have season tickets and go to all the games, it is still really nice to read about how well the Cal team is doing (after we sat through sooo many bad years of football).

Blogs I read or write for at the moment:

The Cataphora Blog

The Kniterella View

Cal Football – Go Bears!


Other Websites Worth Visiting
The San Carlos Educational Foundation is the group that raises money for all seven schools in the San Carlos School District. They are always looking for volunteers and if you would like to donate, you can do so directly from the SCEF website.
The Chickens’ Ball is the oldest PTA sponsored fundraiser in the United States. in 1940, the teachers, led by Howard Demke, held a variety show set in the 1890’s Barbary Coast of San Francisco, where various skits competed for pokes of gold. The purpose of the show was to raise milk money for the children of Central School (which, at the time, was the only school in town). Now the Chickens’ Ball raises money for all seven schools in the district and it goes toward the arts and music programs. The next show dates will be in the Spring of 2010. If you are interested in participating, volunteering, or performing, please contact me.
We named our three children after National Parks, so going to see all of the National Parks by the time the boys are in college is a goal of ours. The Parks are in disrepair from so many visitors (in some Parks, like Yosemite) and neglect stemming from no budget increases in years that almost all of the 385 Parks are in dire need of money.
I wholeheartedly support these three groups and I hope you will too!

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