You Twit Face

My middle son turned 10 last night (and I have no idea where the last decade went…) and at dinner, or maybe it was when he was opening presents, he told us a joke, which is unusual for Bryce. We were in the middle of coming up with trios of names for our three new kittens. We looked at Sega character names, car names, black cat names like Blackie, Shadow, or Licorice, and National Park Names that we didn’t use on our own kids. Bryce said Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. My husband thought he was suggesting those as a trio of cat names. But after a few minutes Bryce clarified that he was actually trying to tell a joke. Once we all settled down and stopped laughing about those names, which would quickly become obsolete, as company names and as cat names, Bryce told his joke, which went something like this: you know You Tube, Facebook and Twitter are all going to merge, right? What is the newly merged company going to be called — wait for it…

You Twit Face.

I found it especially funny considering all three of my kids, even the 8 year old, are masters at programming the phones, the remotes, and finding apps (like the farting sound app and the gunshot app) for their new iPod touches (that they saved for and bought with their own allowances). The fact that all three of them knew about those companies was interesting in and of itself. None of them have their own accounts on any of these websites, but you can find me or Greg on each one of those websites. The kids do spend a fair amount of time perusing funny cat videos on You Tube and now that we have our own, they want to make their own cat videos. Yesterday, the first full day of having all three kittens, started with the sleek black kitten, temporarily known as Runner, playing the piano. Instead of internet company names, we ended up with a tentative consensus of using car names for the cats: Jaguar (see the  ladder picture above), Tesla (the one on the left on the ladder), and Maserati (see the picture on the far left; the names Mustang and Tiger haven’t been discarded for him yet), and now the cats have all been claimed by one of the kids as their own.

2 responses to “You Twit Face

  1. Haha, too cute!
    And I actually like the idea of naming the cats after social media…kinda funny 🙂 Although I don’t think I care for naming children “Facebook” like that one guy did…so weird!

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