Stitch & Bitch

Well, I hosted my first Stitch & Bitch last week to teach several people how to knit. Some had knit when they were kids (or at least in their younger days), and some were completely new to knitting. We met at 4 pm down at Creative Hands in Belmont (my LYS). Everyone picked out a big ball of yarn to practice with or to turn into a scarf. After we ate a scrumptious meal (more on that below), we started the knitting session with a spilled glass of wine. After the clean up on Aisle 1, we learned the knit stitch and then after about 6 rows, we worked in the purl stitch.

Karen was only there to learn vicariously so that she can help her daughter with her knitting when they return to Japan at the end of the month. The best part of the evening was the group effort to make the gazpacho Bloody Marys and the curried turkey salad. Although, Karen led the charge to make the Bloody Mary’s. We still had part of the pitcher left this weekend!
Monica sent me a note the next day saying she
stayed up until midnight knitting furiously after she left my house that night. Hopefully out of the 6 new knitters, the bug will bite a few of them! I have been knitting on a pair of socks recently with one of them completed and the other one in the works. One of the best parts of the evening was a tour of my closet so we could share some finished pieces.
Note: Creative Hands closed in 2009.

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