Why I am Running for School Board

I am running for school board now, while my three children are in the district schools, so that I can contribute to the needs of the district and influence district decisions during the years that matter most to me and my family.  My experience with contract negotiations, data analysis, facilities and construction management, and finance would be a good addition to an already diverse board of trustees.

I ran for school board in 2003 when my oldest child was starting kindergarten. The San Carlos School District was in a financial crisis and I thought I could apply my broad based skill set to help the district through that situation. Although I was not elected, I received about 12% of the vote in an election that was decided by 7 votes.

Over the past 4 years, I have been actively involved in the San Carlos School District: I served on the District’s Quality Space Committee in 2003, and I am just completing my second term as a member of the Governance Council at the San Carlos Charter Learning Center. My District involvement also includes writing grant applications for the San Carlos Educational Foundation (SCEF) and volunteering for the Chickens’ Ball Steering Committee, which both raise money for all seven schools in the District. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the needs of our schools and our children, and I welcome the opportunity to contribute even more as a Member of the School Board.


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